The Samsung 55 LED Smart TV – The New TV For The New World

The Samsung 55 Led Smart TV is one of the new coolest Smart TVs on the market at this time.

This new Smart TV comes with a dual core processor and a whole load of applications so that you can be connected to the Internet and watch TV at the same time. Smart TVs are starting to really take off all over the world and these LED televisions are pretty much leading the charge. But what is an LED TV and are they worth it?

Lets first take a look at what an LED television is and then later in the article we will have a look at if they are worth the money or not by having a look at an ES8000 review.

The new Samsung 55 LED Smart TV also comes with a built in camera which is good to use with the skype application. Like every other television in the ES8000 series the 55 LED Smart TV also comes with voice, gesture and profile recognition which means that you can control the television with a simple wave of your hand or even by just talking to it.

Because of the LED screen itself the Samsung 55 LED smart tv is the thinnest television every made with a thickness of only 1.2 inches. This new Samsung 55 LED Smart TV is one of the first televisions in the world to be upgradable and interactive. It has an upgradable chip that will be released each year starting in 2013 and this small chip can be slotted easily into the back of the television for an instant automatic upgrade. Before you purchase a Samsung 55 LED smart tv you should research a Samsung ES8000 review online. The way we watch TV is about to change a lot.