Dealing With The Outlook Express Store Folders

Speaking of the Outlook Express, the interface is easy to use and it is intuitive. Outlook has been doing more and really is one of users daily tools to use. There are periodically a few troubles that OE clients go through however it's still a useful program. If you are an OE user that use to have issues with the store folder, then don't worry. It can be handled. There is a simple method to deal with the issues you may be going through at the moment. More often than not it's a correctable problem. One can also check online for Microsoft office 2010 product key.

Most of the times OE users forget to up keep the OE Store folder due to the auto maintenance feature. It is pre installed in the program. However, the option is not flawless. Automatic maintenance shouldn't be depended on alone. It's easy for messages and files to get corrupted. If there is a system crash then they can get corrupted. If you want to get around all these issues then use the Tools section to upkeep the folders. Now click the maintenance option. At this point click off the automatic maintenance feature.

The user Outlook Express folders can fill up extremely fast and when they are full they can pull down your computer speed. You can do this by hand looking into the folders and getting rid of all the headers and messages you don't read or need. All old items that you clean up should also be consolidated so you can save on disk space. Your disk space gets larger simply because you have erased all the unnecessary things and now you have more space. Choose the compact option. It is right next to the Remove and Delete button.

The mail and news both must be maintained. These objectives are simple to accomplish. What you have to do is go offline. You can work offline in Outlook Express. This option is under FILE. If you work offline you will not have the problem of new incoming mail slowing down the process. You must compact these folders but you don't want to throw out mail you have not read yet you may need it. So need to click under FILE. Search the FOLDER section. After this click on that option. Let your PC run the process in full until it ends. After is has finished you will notice your PC runs faster when using Outlook Express. The process will last for a few minutes. Ask Andrew for more details.