Computers And Drug Dispensing In Healthcare

One of the biggest hazards when technology isn't adequately used to ensure correct medication administration involves giving medication that's got a similar sounding or similarly spelled name as another drug. While technology that helps guarantee patient safety isn't the one thing that should be used, it can actually help when a manual way of giving medicines could leave room for dangerous inaccuracies. Hep-lock and Heparin, as an example, both begin with the same 3 letters. Somebody glancing at those names might simply mix them up, with fatal consequences.

While this should never occur, rushed and overworked staff and the simple matter of human mistakes do allow events like this to occur. But when you have folks attempting to avoid mistakes , together with rugged technology that also checks medicines based primarily on full names, bar codes, serial numbers or other data, the chance of mistakes drops almost to zero.

Barcode technology is among the techniques that health care staff can help stop errors. A code is scanned that identifies the patient and that must match the medicine to guarantee the right drug is employed at the proper time. The issue of similar medication names becomes moot with bar coding. Radio frequency identification technology allows things to be quickly scanned and matched in something like a rugged laptop or tablet PC.

In most situations, this sort of scanning that must produce an exact match is utilized in addition to things like health care employees double-checking records, reading aloud names of medicines and serial numbers to be sure they belong, and other kinds of corroboration.

In addition to the distribution of medicine, blood products and other treatments can be scanned and certified in similar ways. This kind of scanning, together with patient identification methods that rely on technology such as iris or palm scanning, can help reduce the number of mistakes in surgeries and protect patients far better than manual strategies alone.

Medication administration is an imperative step in patient safety. A tough notebook like the Panasonic CF52 that may be used to scan medicines and patient info for accuracy can help people get better medical care. Take a look at the rugged systems at today.