Apple Innovations: IPanel TV, Mini-iPads And IMove

Market analysts often claim that Steve Jobs was the major driving force behind Apple innovations. His departure puts at risk Apple domination in the IT market.

Analysts predict that Samsung and Google will cause the greatest problems for Apple in the nearest future. The South Korean and Californian moguls are quite successful in offering revolutionary innovations similar to what Apple achieved with ultra light MacBook Air.

Samsung Galaxy SII became the second most popular smart phone after iPhone. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Tab is the most popular Android table. There are three still times more iPads sold , however, the gap narrows every quarter.

Apple may also lose to Google with its increasing popularity of Android devices that are installed on smart phones. Clients worldwide could install additional apps that can satisfy more demands than Android market than ever.   

The Windows developer can take over a part of Apple share in smart phones. Currently about 9 per cent of this segment is controlled by Windows Phone which may further increase after Microsoft unites forces with Finnish producer.

However, there are a few interesting Apple devices that can potentially change the situation with the Apple stock. MacBook Pro that will replace a typical hard-drive with SSD will be released this Spring.

Having succeeded with iPad, Apple plans to repeat its achievement with Mini-iPad that will be offered in the third quarter of this year. The gadget will have 7.85-inch screen and sell for less than 300 dollars.

Given that distance between Android phones vs iPhone 4 is constantly shrinking Apple is trying hard to lead with iPhone 5. iPhone 5 was expected a few months ago but it was replaced with 4S instead.

Apple is also actively working on 55-inch iPanel TV that will be closely integrated with iTunes. Similarly to iPhone 4S it will be operated by a voice through Siri.

The company also expands in a completely new sphere with an electric car iMove. Apple does not provide much information about this auto that will be offered in 2020.

Apple major competitive advantage was its ability to satisfy such customer needs that did not even existed as it was back in time when iPod changed the status quo in mp3 player industry.

The trend continues with iPhone 4S that was sold in a remarkable quantity of 4 million units in just the first three days of sales. Even iPhone 4 was not so successful with its sales of less than 2 million devices according to Focus magazine.

Apple prospects remain quite promising in the richest market niche because most Americans with 75K plus income including Harvard Economics PhD have used Apple devices. IDC reports that Apple also sells an outstanding 90 percent of the notebooks that cost more than 1000 dollars.

All these new devices can help Apple to overcome its current difficulties. According to CNBC every second American has at least one Apple gadget at home which shows great customer appreciation.