Samsung Plasma TVs – Are They Better Than LEDS?

There are lots of Plasma TVs on the market and they were very popular up until around 2010. New Samsung Flat Screen TVs in particular were quite popular amongst cinema and movie enthusiasts as the picture quality was very good and the Plasma TVs delivered very good contrast.

Contrast is very important in televisions, as it is needed for showing up different shades of black and grey. A good quality television with good contrast should let you see detailed pictures in a night scene very easily.

Then LCD televisions came along. LCD are actually very different from plasma televisions. LEDS can be produced much thinner than a plasma and the screen is much better.

The biggest difference between an LCD and a Plasma TV is that on the plasma the actual screen itself lights up whereas on an LCD screen the screen is backlit by a series of lights. The good thing about having a screen that is backlit is that you don't have to worry about glare and reflections like you would have to if you were watching plasma.

If you have an iphone and you use the flashlight on it - this is a light emitting diode. LED stands for light emitting diode. These lights are stronger and brighter than florescent light bulbs and they do not use gas. You can also see LED lights in many new bars or cafes they are the ones that plug into the ceiling.

LED TVs are super thin and have excellent picture quality. LED TVs are LCD televisions that are backlit by LED lights. So next time you are looking at Samsung Plasma TVs you might want to take a look at some LEDS as well.

Of course Samsung LED TVs are much more expensive than Samsung Plasma TVs but the quality of LED TVs is getting better every year and the price is also dropping. LED TVs are the future.