Anti- Glare IPhone Screen Protector

An iPhone screen protector has plenty of benefits. These protectors are designed to diffuse sunlight or artificial light so that your shiny screen doesn't reflect light back into your eyes. Such screen protectors will often appear with a matte or frosty finish and under a microscope will contain small grooves. Their primary purpose is to ensure your screen is readable or viewable in direct light, but they have the added bonus of reducing fingerprints and smudges to some degree. On the downside, the matte finish can appear a bit fuzzy and can reduce the clarity of your screen slightly. In addition, some protectors are normally a little bit thicker than the others and the surface could be a bit rough, which means that your finger will not slide so easily over the screen. If you will use your phone outside most of the time, then these protectors are the best choice for you.




There are various kinds of screen protectors that choosing the best cell phone screen protector is essential. There is an ultra-thin crystal clear screen protector which offers great protection while retaining screen visibility. They should last 1-3 months so if you want a simple, cheap protector, these are a good option. Anti-glare are ultra thin screen protector that merge finest scratch protection with an anti-glare layer. This is the perfect choice if you will be using your phone in direct or even in artificial light.




Besides being scratch resistant, privacy screen protectors offer a 4-direction privacy protection so that no one will see the screen while you are using your phone. These protectors are crystal clear if you will view it straightly. An all-round protection for your phone is the clear-skinned ones. The product consists of a number of little strips that are applied to the back, front and sides of your phone. They are crystal clear, super-thin and made from the same material that protects the front of cars from rocks and roadside debris.




 Shelter screen protectors are available only for iPhones and it consist of a box-like housing, which you put your phone into, with holes for the buttons and the camera. Shelter protector is designed to protect your phone from drops or heavy knocks.




iPhone screen protector is the perfect  protection cover. It prevents your cell phone from getting scratched and scraped and keeps it looking new and shiny. It is an easy task to install the iPhone 4s screen protector. The film has a paper backing and a solution is provided with it. Just peel off the film from the paper, apply the spray which is given and install it on the touch screen of the mobile phone. It takes about five minutes for the film to actually settle down in its permanent position that's why you have more than enough time to totally smoothen it out and remove the air bubbles and the work is all done. In addition, there's a full body shield kit available that protects the entire phone. Screen coverage is absolutely essential, and only the full body shield kit covers the entire device. It is recommended to buy the kit to cover the entire phone, because it protects the whole phone from scratches or marks from all sides.