The Reasons Why It’s Recommended To Use IPhone Screen Protector

It is recommended to buy an iPhone screen protector that is laser cut to the exact dimensions of your phone's screen. If your phone has a proximity sensor or front-camera, try to buy a protector that is pre-cut so these parts are not covered. There are some good brands that do not laser cut however, but just make sure they come with detailed instructions and tools so you can create the desired size and shape. Try to avoid screen protectors that come in packs of 5, 10 or 20. These kind of protectors don't really last very long and you will need to go through the process of fixing them regularly. Some protectors can even be removed, washed and re-apply. But their adhesive abilities aren't really ideal and the edge peels off so easily.



A privacy screen protector is designed so that the screen content is only visible when looking at it straight-on. If the phone is tilted at an angle then the contents of the screen becomes masked. Its intention is to cover the contents of the screen to those prying eyes or people who wants to rake over your shoulder. These are specifically helpful for users who may be writing or reading confidential emails, or just for someone who value their own personal privacy.



The transparent iPhone 4s screen protector can be hardly seen because of its thin nature. But this doesn't mean that it isn't tough enough because it can survive any type of scratches and scrapes. The protector really looks invisible, even when you hold the phone closer for your eyes to see, you can hardly see it. Its protection is like heavy armor, though it appears to be thin and flimsy. The best screen is one which is suitable for your   iPhone 4s. It's the perfect protector for your brand new smart phone because it is designed to be so polished, that you will not be able to see it at all and it repels any scratches on the exterior of your phone.



The iPhone 4s screen protector should be tough and robust that even if you use a craft knife and try to make a cut on the screen, you will definitely be unsuccessful. For expensive cell phones, high quality screen protectors are the perfect protection cover due to its uncontested protective capabilities. The screen protector is simply an outer covering for the phone; it does not hamper any of the functions within the phone. You can connect any cables that you want to and use the touch screen works just as before. There may be a slight difference in the texture of the screen, but your fingers get used to it very soon.



No one can deny that an iPhone screen protector is a necessity. The key when applying the best cell phone screen protector is to move swiftly, but very careful. The more chance for the screen to build up static electricity and attract dust particles is when you will apply the protector slowly. Don't go so fast that you make mistakes though.