The Four Best Headphones Under 100

Some headphones cost only $20 while others cost more than ten times this amount. A lot depends on what type of headphones one purchases and where they are sold. However, it is not hard to find good iPod or TV headphones for less than $100, especially if one shops online. Online retailers usually have better prices than the average store and many of them will ship purchases to the buyer free of charge. Following is an overview of some cheap headphones that are known to be good quality and have gotten good review ratings online.

Sennheiser RS120 headphones are the best selling wireless headphones on the internet. While these headphones have received some negative reviews, most people who have purchased them have given them either a four or five star rating. These particular headphones are easy to recharge, comfortable to wear and work just fine around a house of average size. While there are some complaints against these headphones, these complaints relate to small matters, such as the fact that the headphones may not stay on if someone is moving around a lot. It should also be noted that these headphones have a range of about 30 feet.

Sony’s Ear-cup binaural noise cancelling headphones are one of the most affordable noise cancelling headphone options on the market and they also get high review ratings form those who have purchased them. They not only keep out external noise but are also comfortable to wear. They are also stylish and can be folded up and put in a bag when travelling. It has been noted that there are some noise cancelling headphones that are better quality than this particular set, but since these headphones cost only $20 and are reasonably high quality, they are an excellent option for someone who is looking for cheap yet well made headphones.

Those who are looking for good ear but headphones may want to try the Bose IE2 audio headphones. These headphones offer clear, sharp and loud volume, bass and treble. These headphones can be purchased for $94 and are currently rated as the third best iPhone headphones on the market. However, it should be noted that these earphones are not effective in blocking out noise, as they do not cover the entire ear.

Another good headphone set to consider is the Koss PortaPro headphone set. These headphones are semi-open in style yet are very effective in blocking out the noise.  These headphones get good review ratings due to the fact that they have very good bass and treble. Despite the fact that the headphones are not particularly stylish, they are some of the most popular noise blocking headphones on the market and can be purchased online for just a bit over $20.

Those who are looking for the best headphones under 100 should consider the options mentioned above. These headphones are all different in style but each headphone set is well made and offer high quality sound. TV Headphones are best for any one person depends on what the headphones will be used for and how much one can afford to spend. Anyone who is looking for good deals on a cheap headphone set will find that shopping online is a good idea, as online retailers usually have the very best prices.