Linux Features Prominently At This Year’s CES

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a great destination for customers and industry professionals to preview the latest electronics and forthcoming gadgets. Previously, the show was dominated by Google's Android. But the truth is, this season Linux was center stage, as reported by a article. The following are a portion of the Linux products which were presented at this year's CES.

The XO 3.0 tablet

This particular tablet pc is affordable, tough plus needs a reduced amount of energy. It is perfect for education and learning everywhere and can also be employed to hold specialized applications, including unix classes.  Its display can be read in direct sun light and may also be charged by way of solar panels or by other alternative sources of power. This particular screen is the Pixel Qi sunlight readable screen. It is able to operate virtually all Linux dependent packages and the estimated price is under $100.


This item is essential for  cooking enthusiasts around the globe. It is a touch screen tablet created by Unowhy, a French company. It is resistant to virtually any ingredients or water that could inadvertently end up being splashed on it, and the screen can be cleaned using a cloth or sponge. The buttons are waterproof as well. This specific tablet offers it's user the ability to access a minimum of 3500 recipes, nearly half of which are coupled with video tutorials. You can also find interactive services that feature a shopping list and meal planner. This product runs a specialized variation of Linux and its expected to cost $399. The Qooq provides a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor.  The tablet also offers regular multimedia options such as email, world wide web browsing, MP3 and local weather.

Ubuntu TV

Canonical has come up with an innovative version of its Ubuntu Linux os. This specific new operating-system is made for use on smart TV's. This product uses the Unity interface. It will likely be offered to television set manufacturers who will be able to then customize it based on the demands of their products.  The fact that Canonical was showcased at CES this year is a sign of the ever-increasing popularity of Linux.

X1 Hybrid ThinkPad by Lenovo

This completely new laptop computer by Lenovo will cost you $1599 and features a unique battery stretching Instant Media Mode, which is based on Linux. The version of Linux introduced in the X1 Hybrid is a custom version. In order to move to the Instant Media Mode the user just has to click an icon on the home screen. This function incorporates 16 GB memory space, a made to order operating-system that's based upon Linux, along with a Qualcomm dual core processor. Once this setting is initialized, the laptop operates much like a smart phone. It remains switched on, yet needs fewer sessions of recharging. This ThinkPad is ideal for corporations, institutions and for use by participants in linux training classes.  

These types of new releases operated by Linux are creating a buzz among gadget fans. In particular those who appreciate Linux driven products and solutions. Though it has not been in the forefront the past several years, this years' CES recognised important modifications in the role enjoyed by Linux. Even though there were lots of tablets that were Android based, Linux made an impact.