In The Following Paragraphs We Are Going To Be Looking At The Archos 604 30GB Wi-Fi, Ultra-Slim Portable Digital Media Player And Recorder

Similar to everything else that is available for carbon copy commissions sale today you will find a when it comes to choosing an mp 3 player you have multiple options. You will need to determine what are the features you are actually looking for with regards to one of these devices for instance if you would like it to just play audio files or play video as well. Based on just how much you were willing to spend for the product you might find that a few of the products available on the web today will be out of your price range. When it comes to a high quality unit you'll find that the Archos 604 30GB Wi-Fi, Ultra-Slim Portable Digital Media Player and Recorder qualifies, and it's also what we are looking at here.

You're going to find that this device can play video which is great for those folks who like to save movies and bring them together with them wherever they go. Another thing that you are most likely not going to find in other digital media players such as this, is the fact that the screen on this device is relatively huge at 4.3 inches. You're also going to find that this will also play multiple video formats and depending on your compression rate you could store up to 160 hours of videos.

For people that have some sort of tape recorder or voice recorder to keep track of anything that may pop into your head, but you'll discover that this unit has one built in. You may possibly be thinking that this is not something which you will ever use but you should take into account that there are a lot of folks out there who would love to have this in this unit.

Many folks often are curious regarding the battery life that they are going to get with a device and you need to be happy to know that if you are watching videos the battery will last about 5 hours and if you are listening to audio tracks it's going to last for about 16 hours. If you look into the reviews on Amazon about this product you will see that more than 50% of the people who have purchased this gave it a rating of four or five out of five stars. So for people trying to find a new unit you should have a look at the Archos 604 30GB Wi-Fi, Ultra-Slim Portable Digital Media Player and Recorder.