You use the internet for banking, right ?  Then why is there still resistance to the idea of having an IT services company which provides support remotely?  Whilst technology has moved forward rapidly, some opinions still remain a bit backward. 

Let's have a look at why some people may be reluctant to try remote IT services (and why they shouldn't be!).

For some, it may be a fear that their security and privacy may be at risk, says a leader in IT consulting in Perth.  However, you’re in control wen it comes to remote IT support - you choose when to allow access.  It’s user-friendly, safe and secure and the benefits are significant.

Some people may feel that they don't have any control over remote IT services - but that's not true.  When it comes to personal computers, the remote IT service provider can only access your computer with your permission, when you are actually at your computer so you can see - and hear - what is going on.

Let’s look at some of these benefits that remote IT services can provide :

It saves time.  No more wasted time on phone calls, fruitlessly trying to explain the problem and waiting around for the computer repair technician to arrive - a quick phone call or email and the IT consultant can log in, and see what’s happening right away.

Reduced fees.  Because the remote IT support company doesn’t have to pay for transport, etc - they can reduce their costs and pass on discounts to you.  Plus you generally only pay for the time that you access the PC repairs consultant which could be a 15-minute block of time, instead of expensive hourly rates.

Protection from viruses.  A remote PC repairs company can also prevent problems by identifying and removing viruses and other threats before you even knew they were there !

As much as 80% of computer issues can be solved by remote IT support, Perth-based Domain Digital says.  Whether it’s fixing internet or email problems, troubleshooting your printer or other peripherals, removing viruses, sorting out networking issues and data back-ups, having a remote IT services company on your side will save time, money and an enormous amount of angst.