Thailand Floods Causing Chaos For With Established Hard Disk Drive Deficits

For any framework executive that has not had his head in the sand of current months, it is a fact that the costs of regular hard disks have risen seriously recently as a result of the floods in Thailand.

The floods themselves aren't the issue, It is The fact that all of the big producers of hard disks depend on a single provider of disk elements and these elements are Made in Thailand. It has had a Ruinous result on hard disk component manufacturing because without raw Elements they cannot turn out.

Scarcity has led on to a rapid increase of costs as corporations get desperate to get there hands on one of the elemental pieces of substructure design - storage. As the worlds demand and dependance on storage grows, panic sets in.Storage engineers started reporting that san units would be delivered on time minus the disks, which were planned to arrive a few weeks later on.

Fuelled by the panic came the appearance of a black market where folk were buying big quantities of Available disks and selling them on at silly costs. 1 or 2 months later and the difficulty still exists, even though turn out of the dear commodity has recommenced, there is a huge backlog of folks attempting to get their hands on enough hard disks to fuel there IT operations.

The floods were not the root cause of reliance, planning was. A single point of failure introduced by a single supplier of elements. Had it not been flood it might have been war, or other natural disaster.

As technology changes and the emergence of cheap SSD starts to unfold I'm hoping things will change. Unlike standard hard disk storage, Solid state disk Is not conditional upon the same moving parts so the dependence (at least for the moment) is gone.

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