The Vitamix Juicer – A Handful Of of My Favorite Juices Revealed

The Vitamix 5200 blender creates delicious juices. In Contrast To standard juicers, the Vitamix keeps all of the fiber from the fruits and veggies, developing a healthier juice than standard juicers which extract all of the fiber, developing a wonderful offer of foods waste.

The Vitamix is a robust blending/food processing/juicing machine with a 2-plus peak horsepower motor with blade speeds of 240 mph. This is a strong machine that can make soups, dressings, smoothies, and nut butters with ease. I like the variable processing speed which enables you to blend, puree, chop or grind at any speed you would like for your current creation. I also love that the Vitamix Company offers a 7 yr guarantee on the machine, showing their self confidence in the good quality of the machine. There are many tales of Vitamix owners experiencing their devices for above a decade or a lot more with zero problems.

I really enjoyed the recipe e-book set together by Vitamix staff that arrives with your machine. The staff all submit a recipe they have individually produced and it really will get you inventive juices flowing with amazing tips for many mixtures of ingredients for your soups, juices, dressings, etc....

In this article, I am going to go over three of my favourite juices that I simply prepare with my Vitamix.

Garden Clean Drink

I love this juice. There are tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onion, parsley, and red bell pepper packed into this drink. Optional ingredients include hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce which I very advocate if you like a little kick to your juices. This was one particular of the initial juices I made with my Vitamix.

My initial impression of the taste was the freshness of the taste. It was like the veggies arrived right from a farmer's market place and had been picked or harvested that day. Simply Because there are zero additives in your clean creations from the Vitamix, the total taste of the fruits and veggies can be enjoyed. And, of course, this is also a lot much better for your health. This specific juice is a wonderful commence to your day as properly as a wonderful juice to have right after a lengthy work day.

Frozen Strawberry Grape Juice

This refreshing juice is especially nice on a hot summer season day. It includes green grapes and red grapes, frozen unsweetened strawberries and ice cubes. The Vitamix mixes these ingredients with ease. It always amazes me how ice cubes are immediately crushed by this powerful machine. This juice can be made with the consistency of a slush or a liquid juice. Both way, its is such a treat. My youngsters love this juice right after swim routines throughout the summer.

Carrot Juice Plus

I individually think that carrot juice is the tastiest way to include carrots into your diet. This juice includes carrots, halves, lemon juice or lemon concentrate, water, and ice cubes. It really is difficult to imagine how many vitamins and minerals you are consuming with such a delicious juice. The sweetness of the carrots is improved in this juice and the lemon provides just sufficient kick to spherical out the sweet carrot flavor.

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