Tricks And Hacks To Speed Up Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system that was designed to be faster and more efficient than previous Windows systems such as Vista or XP. All the same, it pays to take a close look at your settings and configurations to see where improvements could be made. Most likely, you have settings that are slowing it down, or perhaps you need to scan your computer for viruses or malware. We'll be looking at some effective ways to speed up Windows 7 in this article.

Autostart programs begin the moment your computer is turned on. Some programs like Java start up right away. Adobe Acrobat also does the same. Usually, you do not use all of these programs at the same time so it makes no sense for them to start automatically. The auto starting programs can be easily halted by going to the "msconfig" section of your computer. Any programs that you uncheck will not start the next time you reboot. You can manually start these programs - this is not disabled. Windows 7 will load much more quickly now because you have disabled these auto loading programs.

Sometimes Windows 7 can't run as well as you'd like it to because the computer you have doesn't meet the hardware requirements dictated by the operating system. This may be the case if you have an older computer and upgraded to Windows 7 from a previous operating system. If you bought your computer with Windows 7 pre-installed, this won't be an issue for you. Your computer must be equipped with at least 16 GB of available disk space, 1 GB of memory and at least a 1 GHZ processor. Even if your computer does have enough memory to run Windows 7, it will run better if you add more memory. So even though it can run with just 1 GB of memory, if you upgrade to 2 GB, you'll help it run so much faster.

Windows Aero is a feature that makes your desktop look great, but it also slows down performance. It includes many attractive designs, colors and animations, and if you really love to look at these effects, then you should keep them. These features take up lots of memory though, so if you turn them off your Windows 7 will run so much faster. Clicking on Desktop and Personalize can help you accomplish this. First find the "Enable Transparency" box and then click on "open classic appearance properties." Your desktop will be switched to a really basic theme without as many effects. It won't take long for you to see just how much this one single thing can speed up Windows 7 for you.

If you'd like Windows 7 to run as quickly as possible you will need to look at a bunch of different features and settings that are on your computer. Most people use up memory and space with unnecessary files, programs and features. Sometimes your computer will be slowed down by issues that are more serious and those are the times when you might benefit from using a registry cleaner. The above suggestions for speeding up Windows 7 should get you off to a good start as you search for ways to improve the performance of your PC. We have strived to give you probably the most beneficial tips as it relates to this crucial topic. It truly is for your really clear benefit that you simply have a adequate grasp of this info. You are able to very easily locate tremendous amounts of details on Tv Aerial, and you can find relevant web sites which might be really beneficial. The one distinct factor to stay away from, often, is achieving insufficient understanding prior to action. We never ever have any difficulties at all in disclosing that what I provide in my material might or might not be comprehensive. Each from the points covered will always have a sizable quantity of background info that is an natural portion of it.