Four Different Kinds Of Mobile Computer Gadgets

Different kinds of mobile computer gadgets include the following: smartphones, laptops, netbook computers, and tablet PCs.

Technology has provided us with a variety of choices in mobile computer gadgets. These gadgets may have computer operations that are quite similar to each other, but they also have numerous other qualities that make each one standout. If you are planning to buy yourself one of these gadgets, read this article to find out more about each kind so you can figure out which is perfect for you.


A smartphone is a combination of the PDA and a cellphone. It is a little device that looks a lot more like a PDA than an ordinary mobile phone, however, it has an intricate system software to enable its “smart” functions. Additionally, it also provides ease of use to its owners. The user interface of smartphones is also better than regular mobile phones, having larger screens and QWERTY keypads. There are also many programs and productivity software that can be utilized on these devices, such as mailers, organizers, spreadsheets, word processing programs, and internet browsers, among many others. Additionally, these gadgets boast 1 or 2 cameras and allow users take and browse pictures or videos in multiple file formats. In contrast to regular cellular phones, smartphones can be networked in a number of ways, such as through Wi-Fi, 3G, as well as WiMax. Even a LAN connection is easily done with these devices. If you have to send files from or to your smartphone, you can either do it through USB connections or its Bluetooth feature.


Also known to manufacturers as notebook computers, a laptop is a pc that can be brought around to such locations as libraries, aircrafts, meetings and temporary offices. This is because, unlike desktop computers, laptops are usually smaller than a briefcase and can be powered both by battery or AC. They also generally weigh less than 5 pounds and have a width of three inches or less. This gadget, though, is more expensive than a desktop computer with the same features because of the complexity involved in trying to get all the same features into a much smaller machine. But what also make them more useful desktop computers is that they can be used both as a laptop computer or desktop computer.
Netbook computers

Netbook computers are new editions of laptops that are characterized by their size, price and a few other features. These new devices are little, inexpensive, with low horsepower, and run on an operating system that is either old or uncommon. The size of the monitors vary from nine to ten inches, and they have a keyboard that is relatively similar to that of laptop computers. They also have a weight of only about two to three pounds. This types of computer is very convenient, indeed. Yet, 1 particular attribute that this gadget does not have is the optical drive of laptop computers. CD and DVD drives have been taken out from this types of device to allow for its minimal size and weight.

Tablet PC

A tablet PC is another kind of computer that you can bring around with you. With its cordless network card, you can easily connect to the Internet to check your email, chat with friends, update your social network status, or look for ipad support. What makes this device special, though, is that it doesn’t fold or have a keyboard similar to that of a laptop computer. This gadget is just a single tablet that you operate either by using a stylus or the tips of your fingers.

Since these devices are available in different prices and with different features, it is essential that you specify your needs first and then find the device that is closest to the rate you can afford, as well as provides the most valuable features for you. Be well informed before making a decision.

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