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For my Father’s Birthday

It is crazy how as you get older your parents do too.  Sure, that might sound silly, but you always count on your parents being there throughout your entire life, but it sure takes awhile to realize that they are getting older.

My father is celebrating his 73rd birthday this week and I have to get him a present.  The worst part is that he is at the age where he doesn’t need anything – he can buy anything he wants.

So, I have decided to get him a suunto watch for a present – something that he has always wanted, but was too cheap to buy.  I know he’ll love it!

Posted by Melissa Jones - June 26, 2011 at 10:26 am

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Learning Some French

We have decided that later this year we are going to take a trip to Quebéc.  I have always wanted to experience the French Canadian culture, so I thought this would make a great idea for a vacation.

But before we go, I have decided that it would be smart to learn some French.  I have been working on trying to understand the language, and have made a point of learning some of the words that I might need such as Téléphones cellulaires and merci.

It is going slow, but I am looking forward to learning the language – I haven’t had this much fun in years!

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Celebrating the Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary

We have been very blessed that both sets of grandparents for our children are still alive today.  Most of my friends don’t have both of their parents still living, so we count ourselves as lucky.

One of the advantages of the grandparents still being alive is that our children get to see how a couple progresses through life.  In fact, my parents are having their 50th wedding anniversary next weekend, so I talked to our children to organize something special for them.

They have decided to get some personalized grandparents gifts custom made for them to show how much they care.  I think mom and dad will be very happy!

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