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Running Out of Money

One of the things that I will say about my brother is that he is always broke.  I guess that it has to do with his choices in life including his need to eat out all the time and buy the latest toys.  Personally, I have taken a different route, but I have also had to sacrifice along the way – something that he has never done.

The one problem that he always runs into is that he runs out of money before payday, and then he uses payday advance loans to carry him over.  Though they are convenient and perfect if you find yourself in a bit of a pickle, in his case it becomes a habit and he is always using them just to stay afloat.

Hopefully he will appreciate the book I bought him for his birthday and maybe he will learn his lesson – it is important to manage your money properly.

Posted by Melissa Jones - January 30, 2011 at 11:25 pm

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Sprucing Up the Guest Room

One of the things that I have always believed in is that we need to have a functional guest room in our home.  Over the past few years, it has been very handy especially when people have dropped in unannounced, and it has made things a lot more convenient as we don’t have to move the kids around when someone comes over.

So, we decided that it was time to get the pine beds that we had always talked about for the room, so we made a special trip out to the store today.  It was nice that we had already shopped for the ones that we wanted already, so it was a quick trip there to pay for them.  They will be delivered next week, so it will be my project for the week – I can’t wait.

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Proving to my Brother that I am Right

If you have siblings, you can probably relate to the need of being right.  There seems to be some kind of unwritten code that says you can’t show mental weakness to your sibling, or you will be forever shamed.

So, I found myself defending my wisdom when my brother and I had a debate over the effectiveness of Hydroxycut.  But I had an ace up my sleeve and I used it when I showed him some hydroxycut reviews that supported my stance.

Just another great day of proving to my brother that I am right and he is wrong….

Posted by Melissa Jones - January 23, 2011 at 9:29 pm

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Finding a Colon Cleanser that Works

I have always found it a bit frustrating when you can’t seem to find the right thing that works for you.  I realize that a search for any product does require some research, but I wish things just worked as they should.

A prime example of this would be the quest my brother undertook to find a colon cleanser that works.  You would think that all the products on the market would be the same, but as it turns out, it isn’t the case.  Thankfully, he did in fact find one that suited his needs and put a smile on his face.

Posted by Melissa Jones - January 23, 2011 at 10:16 am

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Looking at Taking Some Classes

I have found so far that I have far too much time on my hands since Christmas is over.  Originally, I decided that I was too busy at the end of last year, so I would take it easy in 2011.  But, truth be told, I’m going a little crazy.

So, I have been looking at finishing my online it degree for good this time.  I only have a few classes to take to get the rest of the required courses and then I would be free to make a career change which would be a welcome change of pace.

I might just do it… though studying for an online it degree would require me to give up some of my free time…

Posted by Melissa Jones - January 22, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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