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Where Did my Brother’s Hair Go?

One of the things that I find funny with aging is that things that we took for granted all our lives all of a sudden become an issue.  I remember being able to do cart wheels, summersaults, and run a mile without even breaking a sweat, but that certainly isn’t the case anymore.

A really good example would be my brother’s hair.  I remember admiring it when I was younger, but now it is disappearing quicker than the polar ice caps.   So, this year for Christmas, I am getting him some shampoo for thinning hair and I am hoping that it will make a difference.

I don’t think his wife is too fond of him going bald…

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 27, 2010 at 2:46 pm

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Christmas Shopping for my Sister

The one thing that really irks me about Christmas is that you have everyone trying to find gifts for people and they really don’t know what to get.  I look at what some of my in-laws get me, and I just have to roll my eyes.

But the easiest person to shop for during the Christmas season would have to be my sister.  You see, all she ever wants is face moisturizers, and that is what she expects from me each year.  It makes shopping for a Christmas gift that much easier.

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 26, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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Finding some Acne Relief

Nobody loves acne, and when one gets an outbreak, it sucks.  Recently, my nephew had a “nice” outbreak and asked for my advice.

Now, I’m no acne expert by any means, but I figured that one of the acne treatment creams on the market would suffice.  Just a quick search online for what I needed, and I sent him to the store to get some relief.

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 26, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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Computer Consulting Profit Secrets

Do you personal or manage a computer consulting company? Are you having hassle rising your computer consulting company's income?

In that case, then you could learn how to focus on your pc consulting agency's profit and bottom line.

On this article, we'll take a look at 7 profit secrets and methods you should utilize in your pc consulting enterprise, to make sure that you'll be able to stability your shoppers' small enterprise IT needs towards your own pc consulting company's profitability challenges.

Origins of the Drawback

Whereas focusing on your computer consulting income may sound simple sufficient at first look, this business-targeted discipline typically eludes many a computer consulting firm.

This often occurs as a result of many computer consulting enterprise house owners fall in love the know-how gadgetry, and get seduced by seemingly enticing reseller channel applications, at the expense of their business' profit.

On the end of the day however, your pc consulting firm is a enterprise… not a charity and not a hobby. And your pc consulting company have to be run like a business.

Revenue Secret 1: Present motivation along with your small business computer consulting clients. To avoid being labeled as simply another clueless geek, it's essential place your pc consulting services to be extra in keeping with these of a digital CIO for hire. So at all times be on the look out for brand spanking new ways to boost your clients' businesses… not simply fix damaged desktops and servers.

Revenue Secret 2: Be dedicated to the task and relentless in your pursuit to enhance the status quo. As a result of it takes loads of work to land the most effective pc consulting clients, that you must focus on lifetime customer value… not just one-shot-deal sales. So all the time remember that your proposed or recently carried out computer consulting know-how resolution is not a one-shot deal. This type of long-term imaginative and prescient and planning requires super endurance and perseverance… which often escapes many pc consulting business owners.

Revenue Secret three: Don't be afraid to be artistic along with your shopper engagements. Small enterprise expertise options often need to stay within comparatively modest budgets. And your pc consulting solutions must work with out the necessity for in-home IT staff. To satisfy these challenges, do not be afraid to suppose outside of the box when appropriate.

Profit Secret 4: Consider how your shoppers' methods, both paper- and pc-primarily based, function today. As a part of your virtual CIO role, have a look at how these current clients methods are assembly or not assembly current and future needs. Most of this work can be finished throughout IT audits… one other key laptop consulting profit secret that can really assist to separate you from the pack of mediocrity.

Revenue Secret 5: Put yourself in your clients' shoes and take into consideration what THEIR purchasers want from them. Sure, as a computer consulting enterprise owner, it's good to have good people abilities and a certain diploma of empathy for your clients' business problems. However an much more superior computer consulting business proprietor does not just cease at understanding their clients' enterprise problems. The virtual CIO really digs in and learns about their shoppers' prospects' business problems… one layer down on the value chain.

Revenue Secret 6: Keep up with advances and new versions. As digital CIO on your computer consulting purchasers, your shoppers rely on your firm to advise them on what tools can higher assist their businesses grow. So while you cannot permit this R&D and training to consume and devour your whole scarce weekly schedule, you do need to stay a few steps forward of your purchasers' IT wants at all times.

Revenue Secret 7: Summarize and share that data together with your clients. The essence of your R&D and coaching ought to give attention to one major goal: will this new platform or software add value to your pc consulting shoppers' current or future installations? And how one can finest summarize this data, in layperson language that non-technical purchasers can understand?

The Backside Line Your laptop consulting agency's must be your shopper's digital IT division can typically be at odds together with your laptop consulting firm's have to be profitable. A giant part of this drawback happens as a result of computer consulting business homeowners fall in love with technology, at the expense of their advertising and gross sales activities.

To be sure you do not fall into this same strap, which can kill your laptop consulting profits, do not go overboard together with your training and R&D activities. You'll want to keep business development activities in your weekly schedule… EVERY week. If you wish to maintain your pc consulting income as wholesome as possible, just be sure you're proactive in your advertising and sales actions… dig the well for computer consulting profits BEFORE you are thirsty. And an effective way to start out is by listening to the revenue-generating secrets at

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The Major Advantages Of Digital Video

Digital video is a new type of technology that has taken the world by force. Unlike what people were used to a few years back, digital video is used and manipulated in a much easier way than the familiar old analog signals.

Processing, editing and viewing of digital video can be done rather easily with special effects and special equipment like a projector. When talking about a projector, you can  get the full effect of your expensive projector equipment by purchasing some form of projector bracket or wall mount brackets. Projector brackets are possibly one of the most ignored accessories required to use your projector efficiently.

More about digital product, digital video has gone a step further by introducing digital video camcorders, cameras and also digital video software’s into the market. Unlike the traditional camera, digital video camcorders and cameras give the user the chance of replaying the video they recorded or viewing the picture they took without having to run to a studio and developing the photos. Videos and pictures can also be easily transferred to a computer and later edited using digital video software’s.

Digital video options are actually endless. If you want to make hundreds of copies of the same picture, you can be assured of getting the picture without any differences in the quality. The videos and pictures taken using a digital video camcorder or camera can easily be encoded or decoded into any form compatible with other types of devices.

Digital video products come in different forms and styles. These models can be searched on the internet. If you want to purchase it online, you can do that by simply paying for it using your credit card. Always make sure you know your requirements before purchasing a digital video product. Prices can vary depending on the quality and requirement of individuals.

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