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Blue Ray Technology Is The Hottest Addition To The Digital World

Blue ray technology, the newest addition to the digital world has taken the DVD industry by storm. Some are still in darkness when it comes to this technology. But it is considered to be the future in data storage and portable data storage devices. Blue ray technology has come a long way from years of research and development. The biggest names in the high tech industry, such as HP, Sony, Toshiba, Apple and many more companies has come together to come up with this extraordinary blue ray technology.

Blue ray discs differ a lot from the traditional DVD that we all know. A blue laser is used to read and write data onto the disc. This is different from the red laser that is used for the standard DVD. With the evolution of blue ray technology came the devices blue ray DVD players and blue ray recorders. All these devices had the capability of providing its users high picture quality, high video and audio storage space. From Playstation, Xbox to modern personal computers and television sets this new blue ray technology is being welcomed by hundreds of consumer manufacturers like Sony, apple, Panasonic, HP, etc.

Surveys show how individuals prefer watching the latest blockbuster movie at the comfort of their home instead of going to the cinema hall. This has become the latest trend due to the high increase of people using blue ray technology. Since blue ray discs can be played on a blue ray DVD player, individuals are able to watch movies with crystal clear, picture quality and a high definition sound system.

That is not all. Blue ray technology comes with a whole pack of benefits. With regard to storage space, a single-layer blue ray disc has the ability of storing around 25GB and a dual-layer disc stores around 50GB. That’s almost five times higher than what a normal DVD would store. This is of course bound to expand more and more in the years to come.

Professionals who want to carry large amounts of data from place to place find blue ray discs and other devices very useful. Movie lovers can now watch so many movies just by using only one blue ray disc with a 25GB capacity. All these devices has made life much easier for many people around the world.

The use of DVD’s have actually taken a backseat as a result of blue ray technology enveloping the world within a short period of time. Don’t be surprised if your family insists on buying a blue ray DVD player and some blue ray discs. The digital world has come up with its newest addition. Why not enjoy it while it lasts?

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Unfortunate Motorhome Fire

There is nothing worse than having to live through a fire in your life, but truth be told, it is just one of those things that is easily possible in your life.  I was hoping that I was going to be able to avoid the possibility, but sadly that isn’t the case.

You see, just yesterday, I was outside shoveling the driveway and I saw some smoke coming from the backyard.  As I ran around the house, I saw that our motorhome was on fire.


Well, at least I have some motorhome insurance and it will be replaced, but having a fire still sucks – I don’t wish it upon anyone.

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Reviewing my Life Insurance Policy

Even though I did my homework last year when I took out my life insurance policy, I have decided that I would go over it on a yearly basis.  It seems that every year that I am able to find some way to save myself a little bit of money, so it is a worthwhile process.

So, I have been printing out quotes from different companies for the coverage that I need, and I will be going over them in the next couple of days.  Hopefully I will be able to save myself some money.

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Sony’s 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame With Built-In Printer

Sony is about to release to the marketplace a new 7 inch digital photo frame that comes with a built-in printer.  In a matter of seconds, you are able to give away  to the family members prints of photos that were taken at your party.  The concept of a digital photo frame that comes with a printer unit is not only unique, but utterly a nice feature.  Think of uploading pics of your vacation and printing the best photos for your friends right on the spot!  Giving pictures is as easy as taking photos of the friends and printing their pictures right away and gifting it to them as mementos!

The Sony DPP-F700 is a S-Frame 7 inch digital frame with a WVGA LCD display.  It has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and is able to display photos at a resolution of 800x480.  The photo frame is posh black and is modern, and is able to present your pictures in vivacious colors and sharp details.

In under 45 seconds, the built in printer can print professional quality 4x6 inch, 300 by 300 dpi pictures for you.  You are able to modify the pictures before send them to the printer.  You will be able to play with enlarge, brightness, date stamp, reduce, sharpness adjustments, add or remove border, crop, hue, and contrast before printing the photos!

The Sony DPP-F700 digital frame can use today's most used memory cards, such as CF, MMC, SD, and others, and it also comes with a USB port for you to use.  In addition, it comes with 1GB of memory that can be used to put your pictures.  The memory can save as much as 2,000 of your pictures!  With ten transition modes, you are able to show your photos in  an assortment of slideshow playback selections.

Nevertheless, as great as the Sony DPP-F700 is, it is without Wi-Fi, audio, and movie support.  Also, what is missing is RSS feed, which limits what you can display on the digital frame!  Expect to see the Sony digital frame in the stores in January of 2010.  You can buy it for 200 dollars.  Even though it is missing wireless and some other functionalities, I still advocate this digital frame because of its photo superiority and build quality and of course, the built-in printer.

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Cleaning the Carpets

One of the things that I like to do at this time of year to get ready for our yearly Christmas guests is to clean the carpets in my home.  Carpets as a whole are kind of dirty, but by cleaning them every year, I hope to get the gross residue out of them.

I depend a lot on my Ladybug cleaner to get the job done, and it has served me well over the years.  In fact, it has more than paid for itself and it sure beats using a rented one.  I don’t know what I would do without it.

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