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Why is My Computer’s Hard Drive Smaller Than It’s Supposed to Be

why hard disk

This article will give you an easy to understand explanation of an idea which is confusing to people a lot. First, I'll explain a pair of simple computer terms it'll be helpful for you to know.

We're going to also clarify why there seems to be a discrepancy between the size of a computer's hard drive when you buy it, or what's on the box it comes in, and how much its full size, when you’re there looking at what it says on the computer screen, why it seems to be smaller.

First, let me define a couple of computer terms. These terms are “erase” and “format.” Both of these terms essentially are synonymous, therefore you're able to use them interchangeably.

A hard drive is the part inside the computer which really contains all of your data, your documents, pictures, music and the operating system of the PC itself, that could be Windows or OS X "Leopard" or anything else. Most times, everything that’s saved on a computer is going to be found on the hard disk.

Hard disks have been measured for many years in gigabytes and are now well on their way into the terabyte range, which is one order of magnitude up from a gigabyte.

A byte is essentially the smallest unit of measurement for computers (technically, a bit is the one thing smaller than a byte).  A kilobyte is approximately 1,000 bytes. A megabyte is basically 1,000,000 bytes. A gigabyte is essentially 1 billion bytes. A terabyte is just about 1 trillion bytes. It’s going to get a long way beyond that but not for a few more years, so let's forget that .

For example, you have a computer that is a couple of years old. A person might have the idea you have a certain sized drive based on the label on the computer, or the specs on the receipt that you got when you got the machine.

So what if you want to find out the size of the drive. When using a Macintosh, you can do this by clicking on the the drive icon on your desktop, then clicking on the File menu and going to “Get Info.” That'll give you a window that lists the size of the drive.

On a Windows computer, you open the My Computer icon and click once on the hard drive. It'll usually say what the size of the drive is on the left-hand side of the window.

If you're not sure how this works, I suggest Windows Vista how to or Mac how to training, but specifically video lessons that show you the steps.

Once you know how big the drive is, it’s going to show up as less than what you think.

This is because of what happens when you prepare the drive for use. "Erasing" or "formatting" is the term for preparing the drive ready for use. Beforehand, the drive can be thought of a house pad before the house is built.

Obviously, you can't live in the foundation of a house because there are no walls and no roof. In other words what you do when you setup a hard disk. You "partition" and format it. Maybe you've heard the word partition as a screen that divides one area of a room from another. A partition is essentially the same thing.

When you partition and formart a hard drive, or erasing it, whichever term works for you, what you're doing is basically raising the walls. You begin with the house pad, and then you put up the walls and the roof and you get it all ready for use. Until you do that, a person can't live in it.

For much the same reason, if you have got a hard drive that isn't setup, you can’t store anything onto it because there are no walls or a roof.

If you think about erasing or formatting a drive, that is, getting it ready to be used, as being like putting a house on of a house pad, you might already begin to understand why a hard drive’s size seems like space is missing.

It’s almost like you’ve lost space when you format it, when compared to what the drive says it is if you look at the actual physical drive label, the box it came in or on the outside of the PC that came with that drive inside it. It will say a bigger size than you seem to have when you checking the drive's size after it’s been partitioned and formatted.

So if you start off with a house pad that is one thousand square feet, once you put up the walls, you don’t have all the full amount of square feet left any more, not in practical, floor space. You have some of the space taken up by the walls.

Essentially , that’s what happens when you format a disk. It gets partitioned and formatted and ready to use. In that process, it loses a little bit of that space. I think it’s a simple way to think of it, and it helps people understand.

I hope that clears up a little bit of a mystery. A lot of my clients have asked about it that's the way I explain it, and it seems to make sense to them. I hope that makes sense for you.

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Brother Laser Cartridges- The A Large Amount Able Way For Online Backing

The IT industry has lived through a permanent surge along with computers and the internet. The computers have today become a part and parcel of day by day life and everybody’s life. There is not one day that you can let go without the use of computers.  This has led to growth of other ancillary industries like the internet service providers and the industrial service providers. If we talk about Australia then the brother laser cartridges is the most ample service provider.

The improvement in the computer machinery has made it possible for practically everything to be done through the computer and over the internet. With the help of these two tools you can do your office work even if you are at home. Not only this, you can also take care of education, shopping and research and diverse other things too. With brother laser cartridges you can make certain the efficient running of the applications that is of use to you.

The computer industry has seen an rise in usage and this has equally augmented the computer problems. These problems could either be technical or non technical. Thus not always you can patch up the send out yourself. To resolve the problem and get a long term solution you will have to hire the professional level assistance of the brother laser cartridges, especially if you are in Australia.

You can call the brother laser cartridges and get a technician to visit you. The other preference is to get online serve. If you think of it then online computer hold is a more viable and effective option. Given below are the reasons why it is more helpful to opt for online brother laser cartridges:

•    You will not have to leave your office or home to get the problem come to a decision. With the help of secluded access you can get the system mend through a licensed technician in the ease of your home.

•    The availability of remote right of entry on your computer helps you to save on valuable time. You get to save the travel time that you would have to allow otherwise not together from the cost.

•    Other than time, you also get to avert money. If you go to some self-regulating restore shop then the technician may charge you at will. Also you may have to patch up for the ordinary backing and move from one shop to another.

Thus you can see that online repair is one of the most opportune and doable options. You save time and get the outcome then and there.

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Nintendo Wi-fi Connection

The web has infiltrated each corner of modern society and gaming is no exception. The  Nintendo Wi-Fi gives you the means to remain connected to your friends even if you are stuck  into your gaming.  Needless to say this takes your experience to a  new level. If you are hard pressed for time and do not have the  opportunity to meet up with pals, the Nintendo Wi-Fi is  exactly what you need. By employing this you're able to be  part of multiplayer games alongside your friends  even if you're miles away from them. Distance is no barrier anymore!  

You can't go thinking Nintendo Wi- Fi is a discomfort to handle due to its cutting edge  technical features. This is amongst the most user friendly g adgets to be launched in the market  recently.  It is easy to connect and simpler to  function.  It can connect eight gamers on a Nintendo DS  and as many as thirty two gamers on the Wii. There are a few  applications a Nintendo Wi-Fi can access, including worldwide matchmaking,  contests, leader boards, voice and text chat, co-operative play and  so on. Put simply, DS Wi-Fi is able to give you  access to a totally new experienceAgaming realm.  

An interesting feature of the Nintendo Wi-Fi is  that it can provide a 12 number code to share with  buddies. This is called a Friend Code, which can be  shared between gamers. This lets you  come up with your own personal friend list.  This also gives you a considerable amount of privacy which is  often recquired in gaming all around the planet.  All you need to do is to jointly enter the digits  when you access the domain of Wi-Fi. By employing this  number there isn't any risk of others sneaking  into your gaming area! Moreover, if you would like to get yourself a new Nintendo DS you just have to  transfer the Nintendo Wi-Fi wirelessly into your new console. No  hassles, no risks and you are completely sorted!  

So,  what're you waiting for? Bag a Nintendo Wi-Fi
connection and witness  the supremacy of next gen videogaming. And what's more,  with Nintendo Wi-Fi
you'll be in contact with your chums which will increase your gaming excitement to completely new levels!

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Compuer Users! Four Rules To Eliminate Adware!

Adware are an unfortunate nuisance - Adware are computer programs designed to display targetted ads, which can also significantly reduce computer speed. They reduce computer response times by consuming RAM and PCU resources and can also reduce the speed of any internet connection. This article describes four simple rules which users can follow to remove Adware from any computer.

Rule 1: Use Adware remover software - Our recommended solution is simply to use an adware removal software and follow some simple steps to prevent undesirable adware installation on your computer. Try free Adware removal programs versions first - It is generally easy to try adware removal programs free. This it is a great way to test whether a program meets your expectations and also test the quality of the service provided by any customer service. Click on how do I get rid of adware for more information

Rule 2: Avoid P2P- It usually pays to be cautious with the programs you download from the internet. For example it is advisable to stay clear of software which are delivered using Peer to Peer networks (Peer to Peer/ P2P software). In practice many of these programs leave computers open to virus threats, by often installing adware or their hard drives. The fact remains that Peer to Peer networks are widely used to share music and films, and this constitutes a challenge for many users. You should recognise whether you are likely to use P2P and if so, you should use your adware remover software shortly after any download from a peer to peer network to remove any unwanted adware.

Rule 3: Stay clear of "weird" emails - Another good way to prevent the installation of adware on any computer is simply not to open any emails from unrecognized sources, especially if they contain attachments. It is worth remembering that if an email looks to good to be true it probably is, hitting the Delete key is usually the smartest thing to do in that event. Click on how to remove spyware for more information

Rule 4: Disable cookies -  Unless you know and trust the site you are browsing, you should disallow cookies. Cookies were initially designed for sites to recognise their visitors, the problem is now that they also allow adware, including spyware, which are programmed to transmit personal information about you to third parties.

Click on how to remove adware for more information.

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Computer Users! Does Windows XP Registry Really Needs Cleaning?

Many users are confused about the need to clean and repair Windows XP registry, this articles outlines the reasons and main remedies

Reminder about Windows XP registry -Windows XP registry is a core component of you PC's operating system. PC user should clean Windows XP registry regularly. The registry is often referred to as the brain, heart soul and mind of Windows by computer Experts. The registry is used by Windows XP to store the devices and file associations of the computer. Registry is also used to store critical information on directories, drivers, Windows applications and much more. Unless you are very familiar with Windows XP operating system, you should use a registry cleaner software instead of cleaning the registry manually.

Click on clean windows xp registry for more information 

Are you already Very familiar with Windows XP operating system? - If so, continue to read
Take a backup - When carrying out the process to clean windows XP registry, it is possible to make the entire system inoperable. Hence, taking a backup of your file is necessary. Fortunately, there are many registry tools available. These tools can find the potentially questionable or unused references, and they prompt the user to review any entry that may cause a problem once removed.
Start menu - To begin cleaning Windows XP Registry manually, go to the start menu, and click on run. Type "regedit" in the text field, and press enter.
HKEY sections - Windows XP registry has many different entries separated in sections namely HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_USERS, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and HKEY_CURRENT CONFIG. There are different entries in each section, which are related to various aspects of Windows XP operation. Expand the plus sign to clean Windows XP Registry. You will notice a + sign alongside the root directory. This will open the more detailed list, more directories to choose from in this section will then be available and will make it easier to find the entries needed to clean up the registry.
Entries causing conflicts - Next step to clean Windows XP registry is to erase the entries which are causing conflicts or are no longer required, such as redundant ActiveX components for example (click on repair activex for more information)
Clean boot records - It is also advisable to clean the boot records. This can be done easily by changing the list of programs that load when the system starts up. Expand the CURRENT_USER and LOCAL_MACHINE directories, you should notice the "Run|" and "Run Once" options. This makes is possible to remove redundant registry entries which can cause certain programes to run at start up.
Twice a year clean - In order to drive high computer performance, users should clean their registry every six months. This cleans redundant items. Machines which are extremely slow usually have a large number of software, or those where drivers are constantly being installed and uninstalled, require more frequent cleanups (click on computer extremely slow for more information).
However tempting a manual clean or repair may be, remember that, using the appropriate registry cleaner to repair windows XP registry is usually a superior solution than attempting this manually . Many programs will also improve the system performance, some also have backup capabilities to safeguard your files.

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