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Finding the Perfect Handbag for my Wife

With my wife’s birthday coming up, I needed to find her a present.  After the fiasco that was caused by my purchase of some dishes for her birthday last year, I decided that I had to get her something really good that would smooth things over.

So, I have decided that I am going to get her a Betsey Johnson handbag.  She had mentioned a number of times that she liked their bags and hated the cheap twenty dollar one she currently had.

I think I am going to try and check out sites that sell designer handbags to get the best deal.  I just hope that I pick the right one out for her – heaven forbid that she gets made at me again.


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What Age Should you Introduce Children to Computers?

IT and computer technology are so embedded in our working and personal lives today it’s hard to image what we did before them.  Many techno-phobic oldies (i.e. anyone 40 plus!) and parents especially complain that all kids seem to do is sit in front of the games console mowing down strangers.  Games consoles are not computers in the “world of work” sense however.there are proven educational benefits in computer use for children.Most researchers agree that children under 3 years old shouldn’t use computers as they simply don’t match their learning style. Toddlers learn through using their eyes, ears, mouths, hands, and legs. They are too busy mastering the developmental skills of crawling, walking, talking, and making friends.

Whatever the computer or program used, it’s likely for the foreseeable future that the principal means of inputting information, communicating with the machine and accessing the power of different programs  will remain the keyboard and the mouse.    Voice recognition software continues to develop at a pace, but it’s going to be many years yet before we can talk to our PCs “Star Trek fashion”.   For many, the keyboard and the need to learn typing skills remains a major barrier to using a computer.Kids may not have that pre-conceived fear of “typing” and their dexterity with the mouse can be developed with different wireless or ergonomic models.

Essentially, the interface of the keyboard will remain pretty well fixed in its physical layout and presentation.  Making educational keyboards more attractive and simpler for kids to access will certainly help encourage interaction with computers at pre-school and primary level.There are robust and reliable products with keys that feature lower case characters to enhance letter form recognition.  Other keyboards for preschoolers are built to the same size as a normal keyboard but feature  10 times larger multi-coloured keys with the vowel keys (a,e,i,o,u) marked in a bold consistent colour,  making identification easier with all the lettering in lower case to aid recognition.

Maximising the usability and appeal of the keyboard will encourage kids to enthusiastically use computers and hence gain substantial advantages.Research has shown that pre-school kids (4 years old and upwards) who use computers with supporting activities have significantly greater developmental gains compared with children without that experience. Improved motor skills, enhanced mathematical thinking, increased creativity, higher scores on tests of critical thinking and problem solving and increased scores on standardised language assessments are just some of the established educational benefits. Properly supervised and integrated early computer use with the age appropriate software also increases levels of cooperation and spoken communication in kindergarten age pupils especially.That’s all enhanced if the way into the world of IT – the keyboard - is made simple, accessible and fun!

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How To Get Podcast Hosting Right

If you are interested in creating your own podcast you will then need to first understand that among the most important factors that will help you achieve your goals, podcast hostinghas to be mastered before you do anything else. You simply cannot distribute your podcast without having a place where you can store your files and also the feed file that helps keep subscribers well informed whenever you come out with a new podcast episode.

Podcast Hosting Is Same As Web Hosting

Essentially, there is no difference between podcast hosting and web hosting and in fact both use the same kind of technology. However, podcast files are actually quite larger than is the case with files containing content used in web pages and so there is need for additional storage space as well as bandwidth in order to successfully host your podcast.

One factor that you should seriously consider and thoroughly understand when choosing podcast hosting services is that you need to make allowances for when your show becomes very popular and when you will need something better than shared podcast hosting environments. If traffic increases then you will find that in a shared environment that you won’t have sufficient resources to meet the increased traffic and this could result in your account being disabled.

You will also do well to check podcast hosting companies that do not allow customers to upload too many multimedia files such as your podcast files. These companies generally want you to upgrade to more expensive podcast hosting packages; so, be sure to be aware of this catch and choose your podcast hosting company with care.

When choosing your podcast hosting company look for features such as quality of sound and in case this is something that you are not too particular about, try and choose free podcast hosting services.

Their servers should be capable of handling large size of podcast and one should get sufficient bandwidth transfer. You might also want to choose to begin with a fresh domain on a new podcast hosting company as this allows you to have a single domain for your podcast and you can then upload your files and feed files onto a single server space.

Podcasting can be considered as radio-on-demand. If you wish to download podcasts try using a program known as Replay A/V. After that you can open this program and then click on Shows after which you click on Add Podcast after which you enter the name of the podcast that you wish to download. Then, click Find Podcast and then when your podcast name is found you click on Add and then Schedule and if you want the podcast to be added to iTunes simply click on Output and then select Add to iTunes Library. That’s all there is to it.

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What Is a Power Protection System

With today's hectic lifestyles, we can't afford to lose time due to power or energy outages. It is but imperative that we look for a feasible power protection solution that will help us receive an uninterruptible power supply.

The first thing that you must do is to plan out an appropriate solution for your kind of UPS system requirement. This means working out expected power utilisation for the future as well as current usage. This needs to include all things that will use the UPS and marking out any that are essential must-haves. Evaluating the future consumption is also important because you will certainly be looking to an expansion, which will mean an increase in the number of equipments and more power load. A power protection solution is necessary to meet your energy consumption.

There are various power solutions for different kinds of applications and the energy usage. A good example would be Eaton Powerware. Redundant power supplies give the best cover if you need a power protection solution for crucial items. These run using two conjoined UPS systems to provide uninterrupted power supply to your sensitive equipments.

A power protection system solution giving extended support to your UPS would be a backup generator. A UPS can only work short term, so you need a backup source as well.

You need more than a UPS system and a backup generator. A self-monitoring, self-evaluating management capacity is a must, to monitor voltage output and prevent sudden collapse of the UPS. It should also be noted that your equipments are compatible with such  powerware.

Severeal small UPS' may cover your equipment, but one large UPS may be more convenient. It will also depend on how many pieces of equipment are used often as compared with seldom.

Power distribution is also an important factor to be considered because every equipment has a different requirement. The systems needs are balanced by the power distribution system.

With any UPS and power distribution system, the final most impoirtant thing is always the warranty. Depending on manufacturer and capacity, warranties on these systems are around 2 years long. The repair and maintenance provision from the manufacturer are important, as well as the warranty period.

With these things in mind, you should be able to decide on a proper power solution for you as an individual or your company.


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World of Warcraft Leveling Guide From 0 to 80 In No Time Flat For The Alliance!

World of Warcraft is one of the greatest entertainment venues in modern Internet Gaming. However, like all massively multiplayer games, your socialization is tied to people within a few levels of your own. And if real life interferes (yeah, we know, that whole real life thing sucks), you’re left out in the cold while all your buddies have leveled up to fight bigger and badder challenges.

What you need is a WoW Leveling Guide, a tool that will give you advice on what quests to do, what items to have and how to link them together to maximize your World of Warcraft experience in the fastest way possible.

Because World of Warcraft has multiple factions, you need one for the faction you play. This Alliance World of Warcraft Leveling Guide is a book inscribed by Brian Kopp, who was playing World of Warcraft from the beta test servers and was one of the first paying customers to take a character to level 80.

Brian Kopp WoW Leveling Guide is the definitive source on how to get an Alliance character from Level 1 to Level 80 in the least time possible – he’s run tests getting a Night Elf from level 1 to level 80 in 5 and a half days of online play!

The secret is in the quests. Quests give significantly more experience points per time spent playing than simply grinding it out and killing mobs of monsters, and they're more challenging and more fun to boot.

The questing guide that Brian has put together is built for people to SOLO quest from Level 1 to Level 80 in the minimum time possible. He’s studied all the quests and built the inventory of which ones to take, and which ones to avoid giving you the quickest progression possible.

He even includes maps and coordinates for you to go from one quest to another in numerical order, with a fully interactive setup, that includes a map that's highlighted for special features of quests, so you can avoid running into blind alleys, or having to do a quest twice, because you missed something the first time around.

With the new expansion coming, you’ll want as many characters at level 80 as possible to play in Burning Crusades, which has levels running from 61 to 70. Brian is already hard at work on the Alliance World of Warcraft leveling guide for Burning Crusdades.

If you’re looking forward to building a brand new character and getting it caught up with your play group or trying to make up for lost time, the Free World of Warcraft Leveling Guide is the book you need! For the Horde Check out our WoW Horde Leveling Guide

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