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Trying to Cope with Depression and Eating

One of the things that I seem to suffer from time to time is depression.  I guess we all do at some point in our lives, but in my case, it seems to happen in spring.  You would think that it would be the time to celebrate, but in my case, I just get depressed.

The problem for me is that I eat when I am depressed.  Usually, I gain about 20 pounds in the spring and I can’t stand the way I look with the extra weight.  I had asked my doctor for some pills for the depression, but instead he decided that I should use appetite suppressants instead.

So far, I haven’t put on any weight this year because of my depression.  With only a few more weeks before it goes away, I think that the doctor was right in his diagnosis.  Thank goodness.


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The Microsoft Network, or MSN, is a collection of services brought about by the Microsoft Company. Microsoft initiated the Internet service range in 1995 together with the release of the Windows 95 operating system. In time more and more products have been added to the MSN group just as the Windows OS got improved progressively. The MSN brand name was used by Microsoft to put on the market a number of  popular web-based services in the 1990s, such as Hotmail and Messenger. Then, Microsoft started the reorganization of the MSN project in 2006, this time under the new name Windows Live. In spite of the alterations,, MSN’s Internet portal, is still widely used. Actually it occupies a 6th place on the list of the most popular Internet domain names.

msn 7.5

As an Internet service provider, the MSN was designed as a dial-up online content provider. It used to supply proprietary content by relying on an artificial folder-like interface built in the Windows 95 interface linked to the Windows Explorer file management. The most common of capabilities provided by the first form of the MSN included email service, chat rooms, newsgroups, weather info, product support and discussion. Although the WWW space could not be accessed directly through the MSN platform, in time Internet access became part of the service provided by Microsoft through its web browser, Internet Explorer. This became available as a download from MSN service as part of the package Windows 95 Plus.

msn 8.0

Just one year after its release, due to growing importance of and demand for the Internet, Microsoft saw themselves forced to come up with another version called MSN 2.0, after renaming its existing MSN service as MSN Classic. The new version combined access to the Internet with web-based multimedia content under the name MSN Program Viewer. In the United States and Canada, MSN has been maintained as a dial up Internet provider, yet it comes second after AOL. The MSN service presently includes anti-virus and firewall protection as well as an email account on


After the changes in 2006, many MSN services were renamed under the new brand name Windows Live. Among these services that suffered changes, MSN Hotmail (now Windows Live Hotmail), MSN Messenger, MSN Search, (now Live Search), MSN Virtual Earth (now Live Search Maps), MSN Spaces, MSN Alerts and MSN Groups were included. Once Windows Live was released, new services were announced: Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner and Windows Live Favorites. This move was simultaneous with  the moment when MSN started providing online entertainment and news as well as in its quality as a common interest content provider through its Internet portal, Windows Live provides most of the company’s online software and services.

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Getting a Good Nights Sleep

One of those things that I have not taken for granted since I had kids is getting a good nights sleep.  In fact, it is even more important when you are a parent, since it seems that you get less and less time to sleep at all.

But my wife and I never really seemed to be able to sleep effectively in the same bed for our entire marriage.  My problem with her is that she just seems to roll around while we are sleeping and I can never get any sleep.  You can also add the fact that she likes a soft bed, whereas I like a hard one – we didn’t know how we were ever going to compromise…

But that all changed when we bought a sleep number bed – we were finally able to both have what we wanted in terms of the bed without having to sleep in two different rooms.  It was definitely a godsend for us and we have slept soundly ever since.

Now, if there was only some way to get our kids to sleep in… that would be perfect 🙂


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Quality That You Can Depend On: Canon Cameras

One of the things that I have learned in my short time here on Earth (I am just in my thirties) is that you get what you pay for.  It seems that every time that I try to cut a corner, I end up paying for it in one way or another.  So, when I do decide to spend my money, I make sure to buy the best of the best, and this is especially true when it comes to cameras.

In my case, I have tried a number of brands, but in the end, my first choice would be a Canon camera.  Not only are they known to be one of the best camera brands out there, but they have been producing quality cameras for years unlike other companies (think HP).

Anyway, save yourself some time, and get the quality pictures that you deserve and spend your money on the high quality cameras that Canon offers – I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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Protecting your Loved Ones No Matter What Your Age

One of the common misconceptions is that life insurance is for the young.  It is there to cover the costs of your funeral as well as take care of your loved ones once you die.  But for many seniors, life insurance is something that they really need to consider.

Unfortunately, the savings that most seniors have set aside are not adequate to pay for their funeral proceedings.  For many children, this can become a burden on them when they are forced to absorb the costs of their parent’s funeral, which isn’t fair.

But, there is affordable term life insurance for seniors available now that can fit just about any budget.  Not only does it reduce the burden imposed by your death, but it also ensures that your loved ones are taken care of.

Isn’t that what you want for them?


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