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Cleaning House Today: I Need a Break

Well, I have been cleaning my house for most of the day today.  As much as I "love" house cleaning, I really need a break.  I have been working on it for three straight hours, and I am going nuts.

So, I jumped in the shower to get the dust off of my body. 

Alright, I am back.  Now I am sitting here at the computer, considering whether or not I should play some fun games for my break.

Okay.  I've made up my mind.  I am going to play some fun action games and fun puzzle games.  The only reason that I want to play the puzzle games is that I could learn something - so my game playing is not a total waste of time.

I think I will play games here for an hour or so and then get back to work.  Man, it is so nice to sit down....

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 30, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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Birthday Present for My Uncle

Now, if you have ever met my uncle, he is very excited about retiring in the next five years.  So excited that he has decided that he is going to offer his services as a mechanic - from the comfort of his own garage.

Even though he has been a mechanic for most of his life, he really doesn't have a lot of tools - his current employer supplies him with everything he needs.  So, for his birthday this year I have decided to get him some Ingersoll Rand air tools to help him start getting the equipment he needs for his mechanic business.

I think I will probably get him tools each year - I am sure he will like that very much.

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 29, 2007 at 11:02 pm

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Helping A Child Learn How to Spell

I can remember as a child having problems with spelling.  I needed a lot of practice - but I didn't want to just write words out over and over like some type of memorization - that would be just too boring.

Instead, my parents took a different route - they showed me how to do crossword puzzles.  I was able to work on my spelling and learn new interesting facts each day.

Now that I have children, I am doing the same thing with mine.  In keeping up with technology, we use free online crossword puzzles instead.  I find it a little less messy, and the kids don't have the opportunity to color on the table.

I even have my oldest making his own crossword puzzles with a free crossword puzzle maker I have found.  Sure, I find his work simple, on the other hand it is teaching him to see things from another perspective.

So parents, if your child is struggling with spelling, and is bored with copying words over and over, give crossword puzzles a try - I can thank them for my good spelling I have today.

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 29, 2007 at 12:41 pm

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Successful Business Systems for Sale aka Franchises

Now, if you are a business person, or have owned businesses in the past, you know that the systems you have in place either make or break your company.  These systems can sometimes take years to test and develop and are key if you want your business to work without your direct involvement.

If you don't have the time, patience, or skill to test and develop successful business systems, you might be better off just buying some.  In fact if you look at the top franchise opportunities available at the moment - that is exactly what you are buying.  In fact these businesses are successful because they do have tried and tested systems to make it easy for anyone to run one of their franchises.

The reason that fastest growing franchises are growing so fast is their quick implementation and aggressive strategies involving their growth.  What drives them?  Systems.

For those of you who were thinking of buying  a Starbucks franchise (that was my first idea) they are not available for sale.  Unfortunately, their business systems will not be available to the public.

Minimize your risk, invest in a franchise and have a business that has successful systems already in place.  Once your staff is trained on the company operations, you should be able to sit on the beach and watch the money roll in....

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 27, 2007 at 2:24 pm

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Feast for A Dog

Well, it is almost my dog Rex's birthday, and he will be turning the big five years old (in human years).  I have always struggled to find something to get him, or do for him to make his birthday special, but, unlike a child, there are not a lot of things you can do.

In the past, we have taken him out for a walk on his birthday, got him some special dog treats, and once we even took him to buy a new house.  But this year, I wanted to do something different and more personal - something he would appreciate.

So, when I was down at the pet store earlier this week, I picked up a mix to make homemade dog food.  Now, this mix works as the base, you add water, meat and vegetables to it to finish the cooking.  I made sure to ask if the dog food would smell okay, or if it would make the house stink, but I was assured that it would not.

So, when we have his birthday on Sunday, he will be getting a home cooked meal so to speak.  I am hoping that he likes it, then we will cook him a meal everyday - we have more control of what goes into his dog food than buying from the store.

Anyway, it should be a good experience for him and us - I have never had the opportunity to cook for a dog before.

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 26, 2007 at 12:51 pm

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