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The Swiss Army Knife of Computer Repair

As some of you know, I do computer repair from time to time.  I used to do it more frequently as a self-employed computer tech, but it was not good for my marriage, so I do it on the side now.

Even though I don't do it as much as I used to, I still depend on my Swiss Army Knife of computer repair:  my flash drive.  Gone are the days where I need to bring a whole case of CDs with all the software I use to diagnose and fix computers.  Now, I can carry all the same software with me in my pocket wherever I go.

Not only does a flash drive hold more than a CD, but it is very easy to change the software at will.  I can easily update it with newer versions of the software I use without having to create a new CD.

It is also very compatible with a large host of computers.  Provided the machine that you are working on was purchased in the last ten years or so (since USB became popular) your flash drive will work.  Worst case, it may require you to install a driver or two (on old Windows 98 systems), otherwise most modern operating systems will recognize it immediately.

If you do computer repair as well, you should really consider getting a USB flash drive if you don't have one already.  Small, convenient, and more useful than a case full of CDs, it is the definite Swiss Army Knife of computer repair.

Posted by Melissa Jones - September 30, 2007 at 7:12 pm

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Things you do for a Best Friend…

Recently, my wife came to me to express her troubled feelings about her best friend.  You see, her best friend has been a meth addict for the last six months or so (that we know of) and it has gotten really bad.  Bad to the point where it is affecting her marriage and her children's lives.

Twyla and her best friend's husband Mike, decided to put Sheryl into one of those drug rehabs that you see on television.  The thing is, they had to disguise it as something else. 

Mike had the idea that Twyla and Sheryl could go to a scapbooking retreat (she is big into scrapbooking) which in reality would be the drug rehab center.

They got the plan together and executed it flawlessly:  Sheryl thought she was at a scrapbooking retreat.  They successfully got her to stay, and now she has been there for a week: and so far so good.  Hopefully she will make a full recovery - though that road will be a difficult one.

Posted by Melissa Jones - September 30, 2007 at 6:51 pm

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My Nieces Are Off to Disney World

Today I helped take my nieces to the airport.  My brother-in-law, Rob, recently won a trip for their family to go on an Orlando vacation through a draw they entered.

It was definitely a big day for Claire and Vanessa as neither of them had ever been on a plane.  All they could talk about is seeing Mickey Mouse and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (they are big fans of the Disney princesses).

We went there with my children to see them off.  I still haven't received a phone call from them telling us that they made it there safely, but I should hear from them soon.

I am so excited to hear them tell stories about their trip when they get back.  I will try to share them with you when I get to hear them first hand.  Till then, you will all have to be patient 🙂

Posted by Melissa Jones - September 29, 2007 at 10:03 pm

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Thinking About Christmas…

Well, if you are like me and have kids, it is getting to that time where we should be starting to think about Christmas.  There are less than ninety days left till those of us who celebrate this holiday open presents, so it is time to start thinking about it. 

If you are like me, I tend to procrastinate every year and find myself scrambling at the last minute to buy gifts for everyone.  The one advantage of this is that I shop well under pressure - the catch:  sometimes things are sold out at that point.  So, changing a new leaf as I am older and more mature (hey, I just turned 29 a few short days ago), I thought my wife and I should look at it early.

What we were looking at was finding some good Christmas gift ideas for our children that were not toys.  You see, my children get way too many toys from my parents (who are trying to make up for the fact they are terrible grandparents by buying toys for my kids), so we thought we should get them something more useful.

On the useful side of things, we have decided that we are going to get them some sheet and comforter sets for their new beds.  We will probably get Cars for my son and some sort of girly thing for my daughter (didn't really finalize this one - though we may get Curious George as she loves that show).  That being said, I don't want to be the kind of parent that never gives my children anything fun for Christmas, which leads me to the fun stuff...

I'm thinking a toboggan.  William will be five when Christmas hits, so he would be old enough for a toboggan.  By that point we should have a lot of snow on the ground too, so it should be fun.   We will probably get one that is long enough so that me and the two kids can all fit on it.

We will continue to discuss our options as we get closer to the big day.  Besides, our son changes his mind on what he likes every few days .  Why not buy them presents now?  Well, no rush... (famous last words)

Posted by Melissa Jones - September 27, 2007 at 11:36 pm

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Fixing My Golf Cart

Today is my annual day to fix my golf cart.  I usually make sure things are running smoothly before winter when I put the cart into storage.  After a quick inspection, I found that the brake cables were frayed - not good at all.

I made a quick call to the local golf cart parts store and found out that they did not have any in stock.  I placed an order and am now patiently waiting for them to show up.  I just need to make sure that I do fix it before I put it in storage or I may be in for a rude awakening in the spring.

If you do own a golf cart, I do suggest you check your brakes on a periodical basis.  I have a buddy that didn't and his cart ended up crashing into a tree while we were out on the green.  Besides, for the five minutes it takes, it saves you a lot of money (in terms of repairs) and could save someone's life.  If you ask me, it is worth it.

Posted by Melissa Jones - September 27, 2007 at 9:49 pm

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