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MySpace Blocked At Work

Today at my lunch break, I went to update my MySpace page like I do everyday. To my surprise, an error popped up saying that MySpace was no longer allowed at work. I was a little angry as I have been visiting my profile there for three years now. I decided I needed to find a way to visit my page whether work wanted me to or not.

Doing a quick search online, I found other people commenting in forums that they had the same problem. Most people solved their problem by using a proxy server to access their sites. Going back to my search, I was looking to find a Canadian proxy server that would let me visit blocked sites at work.

I found one. Free proxy server is based out of Canada and did allow me to visit my sites. The site was very fast as well as it had a pleasing design – it looked really cool. I have let all my co-workers know about the site and we are all visiting our favorite sites included Facebook and Bebo.

For the rest of you out there, if you are blocked from visiting sites at work or school try a proxy website – it will solve your problem easily.

Posted by Melissa Jones - August 20, 2007 at 10:18 am

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Paid Directories Can Give Good Results

Up to this point, all I have talked about is free web directories. While free directories are the most popular, you can wait for a few hours to a few months before your site is approved in the directory. Sometimes, the wait is just too long. You should consider paid web directories.

The wait time for a link to be approved in a paid web directory is considerably less - at the most a day or two. Just watch your budget, as you may spend alot of money for little returns in terms of search engine rankings and traffic. I have included an example for you to check out below:

Mitefind Paid Link Directory is a good example of a paid web direcotry. For less than two dollars, you can get a backlink from this site which is an old established domain. Why pay? Usually with a paid directory, your site listing is approved faster which means your link gets indexed faster by the search engines. An added bonus of this site is that any other directories that the site owner creates, your site will be listed on those sites automatically. You can think of this offer as perpetual promotion of your website.

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Some Free Website Promotion

Today started off like every other day as I tried to find some free places to promote my website. I scour forums, blogs, and use some software to find free resources where I can promote my site for free. This is what I turned up today.

4169 - Free Link Directory is a web directory that was established early 2007. It has found a lot of success with a steady stream of visitors coming to the site each day. They offer free regular listings, reciprocal listings (with faster approval) as well as paid featured listings for more exposure for your site.

Directory of Sites is a brand new site (a day or so old) so is yet unproven. They offer free and paid links on the site and the approval for my sites was pretty quick. It remains to be seen how this site does, but I have a good feeling about it… time will tell though.

The Best Damn Links Page is just that – a great directory. This one is an example of what you can do with an older site to make it great again. Whether you have no advertising budget or some money to spend, anyone can get a backlink from this site.

Tower Promote Free Link Directory is a directory on an old, established domain. Search engines tend to rank links from older sites as more important than newer ones, so a listing here is a must. You have three choices of links including free and reciprocal as well as paid featured listings.

Just be sure when you submit to free link directories to follow the site submission guidelines - that will ensure approval of your site within the directory.

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New Web Directory

Today as I was promoting my website I came across a free link directory. For those of you not familiar with web directories, a directory is much like a search engine, though instead of a robot adding the content, there is a human that approves websites. The benefit to the webmaster submitting their site is that they receive a backlink which helps to increase their search engine ranking. The one I found today had a unique design, so I thought I should mention it.

A Free Directory is a link directory where you can get a backlink for free. I don't mind getting some free advertising if all it takes is me to submit the site once. For those of you with an advertising budget, you can also buy a featured link and get extra exposure for your site. The approval was quick and so far I am impressed with the results.

Posted by Melissa Jones - August 18, 2007 at 11:40 pm

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No Longer an Article Directory

When I first purchased this domain name a few months ago, I had a dream to turn the site into an article directory. I had some good success with the site as such, though the amount of revenue the site generated was not adequate to pay the hosting bills.

So it is with great sadness (and some excitement) that is no longer an article directory, but rather an article blog. I feel that I can contribute more by changing the site format as well as the site will be more useful for my needs. To those of you who contributed articles to the article directory, I say sorry and thank you.

Posted by Melissa Jones - August 18, 2007 at 10:36 pm

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